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to be edited later...

Posted on 2006.01.25 at 16:42
girlymngirl: dammit... I have to write a lead for my story and I'm already double the wordcount
njs finest 137: i'm writing an essay now for Teach for America and I want you to read it when its done
njs finest 137: can u do that?
njs finest 137: ummm, you are writing a story about the LEPOCO event?
girlymngirl: yeah and yeah
girlymngirl: wow
girlymngirl: LEPOCO is a really messed up acronym
njs finest 137: it stands for the Lehigh-Pocono Committee of Concern
njs finest 137: or just Lehigh-Pocono area
girlymngirl: yeah. I know
girlymngirl: but it annoys me
girlymngirl: LPCC
girlymngirl: would have worked too
girlymngirl: and it sounds cooler
girlymngirl: than something that sounds like an illness
girlymngirl: "like oh yeah, little danny had polio? and margaret has lepoco? that poor family"

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