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I didn't want to it explain it more than once.

Posted on 2006.06.27 at 19:39
Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Music: Six pence non the richer
courbple: hey
girlymngirl: hey
courbple: how's it going?
girlymngirl: it's fine... lots going on
courbple: I hear ya
courbple: did you get that job at the Hyatt?
girlymngirl: nope
courbple: that sucks
courbple: why so busy?
girlymngirl: organizing
girlymngirl: and stuff
girlymngirl: being frustrated at humanity
girlymngirl: I just got back from a wedding
girlymngirl: I have an interview for an overnight job at a gas station thursday
girlymngirl: -which I know my parents wont approve of
girlymngirl: but screw them
girlymngirl: and I'm looking into being a human guinea pig for 800$
girlymngirl: and working at a faux debate camo
girlymngirl: with Heather Stoller
girlymngirl: and trying to organize trips to Missouri to visit my potential future school
girlymngirl: and Colorado before my grandma sells her house out there
courbple: good sweet LORD that's a lot of stuff you're doing
girlymngirl: yeah, and that's just off the top of my head
girlymngirl: my day planner is my BIBLE


i_am_mint at 2006-06-28 07:40 (UTC) (Link)
thats hectic.
nebangel at 2006-06-28 09:02 (UTC) (Link)
I'd say so... lol
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